Adding a calendar

Calendars are great to keep track of what we are supposed to do, and when to do it. But they can also be a cool way to show your website visitors what is going on in your world. Tell people when your band is having their next concert, or keep people posted about upcoming stuff that you are working on. With our Calendar block, it can all be made quickly and with style, 

Step by step guide

Step 1: Add the Calendar block to your website

Step 2: Add a new activity

Mouse over the calendar to show the calendar panel.

Step 3: Add your information

Step 4: Editing your activities

Step 5: Settings

Step 6: Select view options

Click on settings to view side panel to customize your calendar.


Extra Information & Tips

Adding multiple calendars

You can add several calendars to your website, but it will always show the same events as the original calendar. For example, if you cancel an event in one of your calendars, it will disappear from the other calendars too.

If you wish to add multiple calendars with different information, we recommend adding the Google Calendar. Click here to learn more about doing that.

Article was last updated: 2014-07-04

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