AddThis - Share via social media

With AddThis your visitors can share your website content via social media. Select which social media you would lika to use and how they should look on your website.

Step by step picture guide

Step 1 : Add the AddThis block


Step 2: Settings


Step 3: Placement

Click on settings to view side panel for this block.


Step 4: More settings


Step 5:  AddThis profile ID

Enter your profile ID to gain statistics on AddThis. See below on how to create a profile ID.


Find  your profile ID / Username

Step 1: Login / Create account

Create a new account with AddThis or login to your current account.


Step 2: Settings


Step 3: Profiles


Extra information and tips


Statistics on the "AddThis" feature

By creating an account with AddThis and link it to Page Picnic you can statistics over how, where and who shared the content on your website.


  • See what content is shared and that brings traffic to your website

  • See how visitors shares content

  • Detailed information about your visitors

  • Receive notifications when events occur

Article was last updated: 2014-07-04

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