How to use image categories

When using galleries on your website, you need to collect your pictures in categories in order to show different groups of pictures on your pages.

Step 1: After a gallery has been added

When you have added a gallery element to your website canvas, you will see this dialog box. You could either create a new image category or add your pictures to an existing one.  

Step 2: Uploading images 

Click Add image in the bottom left corner to access the Image Manager.

Step 3: Name your image

The standard option gives your image the same caption as the filename. If you untick the box, you can change the caption of the image. The caption can also be changed later by doing to the Image Manager (see Step 6).

Step 4: Changing the category of a block

Click Settings in the block panel.

Step 5: Slideshow and Image Gallery

You can show images from several categories in the Slideshow and Image Gallery elements. Go to Image source in the Settings panel. Check the categories that you wish to include in the Slideshow or Image Gallery.

Step 6: Changing categories

You can manage your categories by clicking Manage Images in the block. These settings are also visible by going to the Control Panel and selecting Images.


In the Manage categories tab, you can rename or delete your categories.


In the Manage images tab, you can change which image category to use or change the caption of your images.

Step 7: Different ways of displaying your pictures

Simple galleries


Slideshow/Image Gallery


The Image Gallery


Article was last updated: 2014-03-17

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