Changing layout

Choose your page layout

When creating an empty page

When you create a new empty page, you will be able to choose the page layout straight away. Mouse over and click a layout to use it on your page.

Step by step - How to change the page layout

Step 1: Change Appearance

Make sure that you are working on the page on which you want to change the layout. You can use different layouts for each page.

Step 2: Choose your layout

The current layout is highlighted in the panel. Once you have changed the layout, your content will be adjusted to the new template - therefore, you might need to readjust the position of your blocks after the change has been made.

Step 3: Arranging your blocks in a layout 

You can add several elements to a single column in a layout. The example below is a two column layout with different blocks in each. For example, there is both a heading and a form in the left column.  


Article was last updated: 2014-03-17

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