Connecting multiple domain names to your website

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You need to have an active subscription to connect a domain name to your website.

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Please note:

  • If you have several PagePicnic-accounts, make sure that your are signed in to the correct one when connecting your domain name.

Step by step guide - Adding one or multiple existing domain names

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel and click Domain Names

Step 2: Click Add Domain Name

Choose to connect or point to your domain

Connect using our name servers (DNS)

  • Keep your domain name subscription at your old domain supplier
  • Changed advanced domain name settings yourself in PagePicnic

Point to your new domain name (CNAME)

  • Keep your domain name subscription at your old domain name supplier

Buy your domain name from PagePicnic

Click Buy New Domain Name to open the order guide.

Remove domain names

To remove one of your domain names, click Options next to the domain name field.

Please note: you cannot remove a main domain. If you wish to remove a main domain, you need to redirect it to another main domain or change its function. This can be done by using the drop down menu in the domain name field.

Extra information & Tips

What is the difference between DNS and CNAME?

Generally, DNS and CNAME defines who is in control of your domain name.

  • Choose DNS if you want PagePicnic to host your domain name.
  • If you wish your current supplier to keep hosting your domain name, choose CNAME.

Article was last updated: 2014-03-17

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