Embedding your Instagram feed

Instagram is an image based social media application, that can be integrated with your website. Follow this guide to add an Instagram feed to your site.

Step by step guide


Step 1: Add an Instagram element


Step 2: Settings



Step 3: Connect your Instagram account to PagePicnic

If you do not have an Instagram account you can sign up at www.instagram.com


Step 4: Login

When clicking Connect your Instagram account, you will be prompted to a Sign in-window. Enter your username and password and sign in to your account or login with Facebook.


Step 5: Select settings

Click on “settings”  and specify which parts you would like to display and  click “done”.




Extra information & tips


Changing Instagram user in PagePicnic

To change the user of your feed, click Erase profile and sign out from Instagram. Then repeat steps 3-6 in this guide.

Article was last updated: 2014-09-03

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