Publishing documents on your website

How to display print documents on your PagePicnic website

Using Scribd

Scribd is a free online service for publishing pdf documents and other print media on your website. Documents published through Scribd can easily be downloaded to a computer or read on a handheld device. In this chapter, we tell you how to publish a print document on your website using Scribd.


Scribd supports the following formats:

  • Microsoft Office: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx
  • PDF: pdf, ps
  • Open Office: odt, odp, sxw, sxi, m.m.
  • Text: txt, rtf


Step by step guide

Step 1: Upload your document

Go to and upload your document by clicking the Upload button in the top left corner.

Step 2: Select which files to upload

Step 3: Register a free account

Sign in by entering your email and name in the required fields.


Step 4: My Uploads

In the top right corner of your Scribd panel, there is a drop down menu where you will find your uploads.

Step 6: Choose your document

Select the document that you want to use on your website.

Step 6: Click Embed

Scroll down to the footer of your document and click the Embed symbol.

Step 7: Select and copy the code

Step 8: The Custom HTML element

Go back to your PagePicnic canvas and click Add Content. In the Other section, click and drag the Custom HTML element to where you want to place your document.

Step 9: Edit the Custom HTML element 

Place your cursor over the block and click Edit HTML to open the HTML editor.

Step 10: Enter your code

Paste the copied code from Scribd to the HTML editor and click Save & Close.

Step 11: Publish your website

The final result

Your document will appear in full on your website once published.

Article was last updated: 2014-03-17

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