Using multiple headers

You can have separate headers for different pages on your website. This is made by accessing the header panel and choosing Save as, allowing more than one header to be stored on your site.

Click Save to define a standard header

When clicking Save in the Header panel, your header will stay the same for all of your pages.

The Save as ... option

When you want a header to only be applied to a specific page, click Save as ... and choose to save your header as default, for this particular page or for selected pages or language sections.

- As default

If you save your header as default, your header will apply to all pages that do not have a specific header.

- Only for this page

When selecting Only for this page your header will be saved only for the page that you are working on,

- To selected pages

Click To selected pages to choose which pages to apply the header to. For example, this allows you to have different headers for different language pages.


When applying your header to several pages, check the boxes next to desired pages. 


Or select an entire language to use your header for all pages of that language.

Reset your header

If you are using a specific header, click Reset in the header panel to return to the default header.


Article was last updated: 2014-03-07

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